Tuesday, July 29, 2008
5 years ago on November, 2002 I moved back to Arkansas with my parents. I attended Life Covenant church (now called Gateway) in Fayetteville, Arkansas. This was where I met my friend. We were both single moms with young children. Her son was a year younger than Rylee. There were other single moms at church but none with little children. We were the only two single moms. We became friends. I actually met her before her now 4 year old son was born. I would sit with her in church and we would talk a lot of the girl talk. In some ways we were similiar to each other. We often went for bad boys because of our low self esteem. We didn't think God wanted to give us better than that. it was a rough road. In our struggle to find the right guy. We would share stories about our experinces with our newest guy. to find we had very similiar ones at most. I did never date those who did drugs but I did go for abusers like my ex. In my own warped view I thought That was the hand I was dealt with.

We both had negative words spoken in us that damaged our self worth and image. We both felt like we didn't have friends at church who understood us. So we made a small group of 3 myself, Alicia and a guy named Justin. Who seemed to understand us both. Became good friends.
I remember one guy that just started coming to the church told her she looked like Sandra Bullock. She would just laugh and say I get that a lot. I can't even watch a movie with Sandra Bullock in it. She looks so much like my friend it makes me miss her all the more. It's been 1 year and 1 month since her disapperance. They are no further in knowing whats happened. They let her case go dead cold. They arrested the man who hurt her but he of course won't confess to anything. I am hoping to start a special group for those whose loved ones are missing and offer some support, where they can share stories of their own experince.s make friendships with those who have been there. Maybe write letters a place where they can write one another. Just be around those who have been there. So many people don't understand dealing with this kind of thing. I've been told get over it! Well its not that easy. When you have a friend who goes missing or a loved one? than come and talk to me. See if you can get over it so easily.


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Monday, July 21, 2008
Starting the Alicia Foundation
I am working on starting the Alicia foundation. I am going to start by posting about my friend on this blog. Sharing the story on how we met. As well as how I learned about her dissapperance. There is a mix of emotions people aren't aware of that you go through when facing something like this. A lot of people who have not walked through that door don't know the pain involved. They think you can bounce back really fast on something like that. They tell you get over it! Until you walk through that door you just don't realize its not that simple. Especially if you have no closure on what has happened to your friend. No answers. Being left hanging. They are no closer now than a year ago. Believe me I had numerous insenstive people tell me to get over it.

Its not that easy. I will be posting more about my friend. I posted a blog about this desire of mine on the alpha women website as well. Want to start a place for people like me who are or have been walking through this. Be it a family member or a personal friend of yours. I am hoping other friends of Alicia's would also want to take part in this and get together as well.


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Tuesday, July 3, 2007
update on my friend Alicia
the suspect they arrested was the last person to see her alive. They think that hes involved in her dissappearance.
They are going to resume searching the same area after July 4th and are sending additional divers to search for her. as well as asking anyone who is going to beaver Lake tommorrow to help search as well.

The family also uped the reward to $100,000 for anyone who has information leading to finding her.
I am still working on my fundraiser from MG to help donate as well. all proceeds will go in that effort.


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Wednesday, June 27, 2007
"You find out who your friends are"
When I was flipping to find a good station there was a song on the radio called you find out who your friends are. It was three guy friends singing it. As I was listening to the words I was thinking this song rings 100% true.

A friend doesn't think and stop to say whats in it for me.
He shows on up with a big old heart you find out who your friends are.
When you get stuck in a ditch and can't afford no taxi or bus fare.
They just show on up with their care. They don't stop to think its to far.

Thats the jest of the song and it got me to thinking who really are my friends.

Ladies on moms making a difference who reach out to me.
Charity whose accepting me and my friendship.
Levi who was the only friend at church who cared enough when he learned about my friend to say I'm sorry you are going through this.

Simple thing as noticing I didn't come to the Sunday school party and he mentioned he missed me not being there.
When no one else in Sunday school cared whether I was there or not.

These kinds of things show me who my friends are. I have 1 real friend from my new church being Levi.
I just met Chelsea a single mom God sent to the class last week. Shes really nice.
You defintely find out who your friends are.

Heather Bixler, Becki Yagazharian, Melissa, Charity, Tiffani, Levi you guys are truly a blessing. I'm so thankful for all of you. Incidently this song was sung by my dream guy Kenny Chesney.

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Saturday, June 23, 2007
Thank you so much. I hope you are reading this so I can contact you and keep in touch. Thanks for your kindness.
I would like to keep in touch with you. I'm a friend of Alicia's and with her missing I don't have anyone now so its really hard for me.
I 'm not sure how to find your blog can you contact me through mine and we can exchange e-mails. If you know of any of Alicia's other friends feel free to send them to my blog. I would love to contact them too.

I am doing a fundraiser through my Mineral Girlz

proceeds will go to Alicia's account in the search effort.

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Friday, June 22, 2007
Dealing with insenstivity
It seems to be everywhere around me as I am dealing with my friends dissapperance. From a christian board who told me I cannot post about my friend's candle light vigil in the member announcements when members can announce their events. Whats up with that? Anyway I won't be going on that board anymore.

Insensitive comments from people who don't know my friend and have no room to judge. They don't know what its like to have a friend missing. The day to day of not knowing whats happened to her. Judging her character when they know nothing about her.

The word says Judge not lest you be Judged. That seems to fall by the wayside a lot. I know I can be just as guilty by clapping when the ex boyfriend of my friend got 20 years in prison for drug charges but didn't confess about doing anything to my friend. Thats not the christian thing to do. As hard as it is I do forgive this guy because Jesus would want me to and Alicia would want me too. It doesn't make it easy.

This is a tough time in my life. I know God and friends on Moms making a difference will get me through. for any mom reading whose not in this group its a great one please join


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Thursday, June 21, 2007
Candle Light Vigil tommorrow night for my friend Alicia Minton
I am praying that my friend Tonya gets the message before tommorrow night so that we can ride down together.
If not I won't be able to go. However I will have one in my own room. I would like to ask my sisters in their own home tommorrow if they would join me in this. Prayer for Alicia throughtout the day tommorrow.

Will any of my readers be willing to join me.

Pray that God will make a way for me to go. I really need to be there. Someway and somehow.

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